Lego is accused of excessive violence, responding that child development cannot be avoided

According to the British "Guardian" reported on May 23, New Zealand researchers said in a recent study that in the digital age, toy manufacturers launched an "arms race" to attract children's attention, Lego toys There are more and more violent factors in the process.

A research team from the University of Canterbury, New Zealand, said in a study published in the online journal of the Public Science Library that children's toys are becoming more violent and bloody. The proportion of war scenes in the weapons and the theme set toys in Lego blocks has increased.

Christoph Bartneck, the team's lead researcher, said, "Lego's products are not as harmless as they used to be. The violent factors in Lego toys seem to go beyond the richness of the game." Conclusion: "The violent factors in LEGO toys are growing exponentially over time."

According to reports, the Lego company in Denmark has been producing toy building blocks since 1949. The study found that LEGO’s toys were released in 1978. The swords, axes and javelins appeared in a set of castle suit toys. . In addition, the study retrieved the Lego toy catalog from 1973 to 2015 and found that the scene descriptions in the company's toy suits were becoming more and more violent.

The study found that "about 40% of LEGO toys now contain some kind of violent ingredients, especially game scenes such as shooting and threatening behaviors have increased in recent years. People generally feel that violence has brought excitement." Research also shows that Lego toys are just Reflects a major trend in children's entertainment. “To attract the attention of customers, toy manufacturers seem to be in an arms race to produce exciting new products,” the study said.

Lego's spokesperson, Troy Taylor, said Lego sold a range of toys including architecture, fantasy and conflict games. "Like other kinds of games, conflict games are also part of the child's self-development. We always try to minimize the level of conflict by minimizing the conflict." Troy Taylor said

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