Flash toys are not good for your baby's eyesight.

Today's toys are not only unique in function, but also can emit a flash of multicolored light, which makes many children feel new and interesting. Ophthalmologists believe that children should play with flash toys in moderation to avoid glare damage to children's vision. "Now this toy is really high-class, it is really beautiful. I didn't have such a toy when I was a child. I can play for a long time." Mr. Gao, who lives in the cultural district of Zhongzhong District, has just When the toy store came home and saw the toy that was just bought so interesting, it sent out such feelings. I am going to my son’s birthday soon. Mr. Gao bought some toys and intended to give his son a gift. "I heard that many toys are fun, but they are not good for the development of children. I don't know if I bought these products." Mr. Gao said his concerns.

On the morning of the 9th, the reporter came to a small supermarket on the cultural road in the city center. In the toy zone, the reporter found a variety of toys. There are not many toys with flash function. "It is better to sell early education machines and educational toys. You can watch this early education machine, you can automatically play the children's songs when you press the button, and there will be flashing lights. Many little babies like this function." Supermarket staff It is said that children are full of curiosity about cool new things, and children's toys are designed and manufactured for this characteristic of children. "Flash function can successfully attract the attention of children, let them look for happiness. As for the damage to the eyes, it is impossible, you can look directly at this light and see what it feels." According to the staff The reporter looked directly at the lights of the early education machine. It didn't feel at first, but after a few minutes I felt my eyes illusion and some uncomfortable.

The reporter found that the flash toy has a large proportion in children's toys, and more than 50% of children's toys have a flash function. In these flash toys, some toys have no date of manufacture, only simple outer packaging, and some even have no outer packaging.

"Now the children's toys are so many, I don't know what to choose." Then the reporter came to the toy zone of a supermarket on Junshan Road in the Central District of the city. Here, she met Ms. Li, who came to buy toys. Ms. Li said that her son especially likes the kind of robot model with a flash, and the family has bought a lot, but he still wants. As for the impact of flash on the child's eyes, Ms. Li said that she did not pay too much attention. "This kind of light does not stop, but it is not like the kind of glare of a flashlight. It should have no effect on children," Ms. Li said.

Dr. Gao from the Community Service Center of the City Third Hospital said that unlike adults, the child's visual system is at a developmental stage and is sensitive to external influences. The younger the age, the greater the damage.

"Children around 6 years old will have more complete vision development. 3 to 4 years old is a sensitive period of vision development. Children at this stage must use less eyes. Don't read too much, watch mobile phones, see flashing things, 3D movies too. It is necessary to watch less. Therefore, it is even more difficult to use flash toys for a long time, especially in dark environments, which may cause glare, which may cause visual fatigue in infants and young children, and may cause damage to the fundus, cornea and crystals, especially some. Inferior flash toys are more likely to cause irreversible damage to infants' vision," Dr. Gao said.

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