The sampling inspection said that Qingdao’s 1 day fox toy failed.

The Qingdao Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision recently issued the "Announcement on Announcement of the Results of the Second Batch of Industrial Products Quality Supervision and Inspection in 2016". According to the announcement, this time, 15 batches of toy products produced by 15 companies were randomly selected, and the unqualified product rate was 6.67%.

This toy product is based on GB 6675.1-2014 "Toy Safety Part 1: Basic Specifications", GB 6675.2-2014 "Toy Safety Part 2: Mechanical and Physical Properties", GB 6675.3-2014 "Toy Safety Part 3: Easy Combustion performance", GB 6675.4-2014 "Toy Safety Part 4: Migration of Specific Elements", GB 5296.5-2006 "Consumer Products Instructions for Use Part 5: Toys", GB/T 9832-2007 "Plush, Cloth Toy Safety Standards such as "Quality", mechanical and physical properties (normal use), mechanical and physical properties (predictable and reasonable abuse), flammability, migration of specific elements, signs and instructions for use, non-detachable plastic small object fastness and Assembly quality, sewing and arranging. Sewing and cloth fastness, sewing quality, finished appearance, hole, base fabric, embellishment line, filler, grain filler liner, functionality, integrity, symmetry, color difference, plastic parts surface, paint adhesion 20 projects such as degree were tested.

The spot check found that one batch of Youhu (plush toy) products of Qingdao Rishengsheng Toys Co., Ltd. did not meet the relevant standards. The unqualified items were: signs and instructions for use. Qingdao Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision has started work on unqualified products according to law.

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