The difference between vinyl and plastic(1)

The two kinds of production technology is completely different, the early model and production mold way is different, vinyl is carved with wax figure after opening copper mold, plastic is opened injection mold with injection molding process.

Plastic toys ingredient is resin, plastic raw materials according to the molecular structure of the synthetic resin thermoplastic and thermosetting plastic main points: the thermoplastic plastic refers to the repeated heating still has plasticity plastic: mainly include PE/PP/PVC/PS/ABS/PMMA/POM/PC/PA commonly used materials.

Vinyl is generally used to produce a variety of plastic toys. Like the barbie doll that keeps out vinyl, keep out vinyl undersea world toy and so on. In rubber, there are concentrated latex, standard rubber, etc., latex is mostly used for medical gloves, hot air balloons and other high requirements of products, standard rubber for tires, soles, toys and so on.

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