The difference between vinyl and plastic(2)

1. Different concepts: Plastic is a raw material; Vinyl is a kind of product technology, is also a kind of technology to do toys

2. Different uses: plastic is mainly used in the production of transparent sheet, pipe fittings, gold card, hose, hard tube, plate, doors and Windows, profiles, films, electrical insulation materials, cable sheath, blood transfusion materials, etc.; Keep out the vinyl has very good elasticity, mainly used to do dolls, usually hollow.

3. Different process methods: plastic is suspended polymerization so that the monomer is suspended in droplet form and dispersed in water phase, and the oil-soluble initiator selected is dissolved in the monomer, and the polymerization is carried out in these droplets; Vinyl is a layer of copper on the surface of the prototype, and then this layer of copper to form a simple metal mold.

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