How to maintain BJD doll

1. Ensure that the space where BJD is kept is dry and clean. If it is usually stored in the wardrobe, please place moisture proof agent or bamboo charcoal bag in the wardrobe.

2, try not to let BJD's body touch the water, if the shooting needs to touch the water must be thoroughly dried doll can be put away. Avoid rusting of S hooks and magnets inside the doll due to moisture.

3, all close clothing (such as underwear, vests, etc.) please try to choose light colors, such as flesh color, pink, white, etc. Do not choose black, dark blue and other dark colors, to avoid clothing faded and dyed on the doll.

4, every time to put it into the bag or sleep in the box, to wear a mask for the doll, to prevent makeup damage in friction, or eyelashes are crushed.

5. Avoid touching your face with your hands to keep your makeup bright and lasting.

6. Try not to turn on the flash when taking photos for your baby. (Try to avoid light because of yellowing)

7, try to avoid strong light direct exposure to the doll.

8, in order to reduce the yellowing, you can spray extinction (the drawback is easy to dirty). After yellowing can be polished through the whole body to yellow, but will make baby body resin thinner

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