What is a BJD doll

BJD (Ball - Jointed Doll) . Any of various elaborate figurines with ball-shaped joints that, because of ball-shaped joints at key points, enable the figure to perform many near-human postures. [1] The height of BJD is calculated in "points", and the approximate height of a child of that size is obtained by dividing 180 cm by X points (X is 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 12). 1/4 weight in 2-3 pounds, 1/3 weight in 4-6 pounds.

   BJD originated in Europe, was once popular in Russia, and then spread to Japan, South Korea and China. Since 1998, Japanese "Modelling Village" company began to mass produce "Super Dollfie" spherical joint human shape using polyurethane resin as material. After 2003, there were many manufacturers of BJD; Since 2005, toy manufacturers in Mainland China and Hong Kong have also begun to produce such figures.

    BJD is mainly produced by East Asian countries (such as South Korea, Japan, China). Doll body shaping space is very broad, BJD doll can change clothes, but also modify makeup, change hands and feet, hair, eyeballs. BJD's charm to players is endless, she gives players a space to show their personality without restraint.44f1c8f7791464de6cfd0f63fb92a82.jpg

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