Doll of Childhood

   In my childhood, there are all kinds of toys with me, but, as I grow older, my childhood "partners" were given to other children by my mother, but there is a toy has always "survived", she is my favorite toy - doll.

    This doll is my mother gave me the third birthday gift, she has a beautiful blonde hair, red face, big eyes flicker flicker, small mouth slightly up, as if smiling to me. She's very capable, take her right hand, she can recite poetry; Hold your left hand, she can sing; Touch the right foot, she can sing English songs; Touch her left foot and she can introduce herself; If they put her down, she would complain, saying she wasn't feeling well.

    She was my best friend in my childhood. When I was a child, my favorite thing to do was to choose beautiful clothes for her! Whenever I had a spare moment, I would find a pile of tiny baby clothes and, with great interest, start trying them on for her. This? No, it's too big; This? No, it's too small; This? Fit, but not very pretty... Finally, I found a small dress that fit her very well. After I helped her change, I asked her to look in the mirror and comment on her new dress. At this time, her big eyes flickering, as if very happy: "Too beautiful, thank you!" I also smiled happily!

    She was the best listener in my childhood. When I came back from school, and couldn't wait to tell her about the fun of kindergarten, she seemed to understand, blinking, as if in trying to suppress a smile, see her this ridiculous appearance, I can't help but "giggle" to laugh. Primary school grade one, when I did not take a good test and sad, always glumly holding her, to her talk about my unhappy, and she looked at me with round big eyes, as if to give me cheer: "It doesn't matter, failure is the mother of success, next time you will be able to take a good test!" Looking at her lovely appearance, I suddenly enlightened, the heart suddenly put clear.

    This doll, not only my favorite toy, but also my best childhood companion, the best listener! She accompanied me through the carefree childhood, she carries my childhood memories, let my childhood aftertaste endless!

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