Why is our product more expensive than others?

Why is our product more expensive than others?

1.   Even if you sell low-end products, customers will still be too expensive, because they do not know where the cost of the factory is, but only know that you are making his money hard.

2. Our products are not high-tech chips or intelligent products, which can be sold at a high price with intellectual property rights, nor are our patented products, which are protected by international laws, so there is no comparison between them. Our products are handmade handicrafts, handicrafts threshold is not high and competitive, you do not sell others will sell, so we can only accept the market price to sell, otherwise customers will be scared away by the price.

3.   Product positioning - Product positioning determines consumer groups and sales markets. People who buy iphones are different from those who buy smaller brands. It will be difficult for the two sides to strike a balance between the quality and functionality of apple's phones at the price of smaller brands.

4. Integrity is the only law of the jungle for a company to survive. The practice of businessmen is a penny accompanied by a penny of goods, so that the product to customer satisfaction, buy rest assured. Maintain customers with integrity. We care about our reputation, our mission and our values, and that's why we've been in business for 34 years

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