A Music Box Comes With Our New Products

Last article I talked about shopping card. This article I am gonna introduce music box that will come with our new products.

The music box used to play music only. The new music box I am about to make some changes. I added six different languages including English, Chinese, Franch, Spanish, German and Japanese. These languages just like say "good morning", "good afternoon", "good evening", "good night", " I love my parents" and " I love my friends".

Though the languages are very simple, they are easy to remember and educate.

Things go very fast nowadays. One possesses bilingual even multilingual education will gain the upper hand. And it is a good start for kids to get access to different languages and choose one or two they like and set about learning.

I have to say the music box just suitable for cotton dolls not full vinyl dolls.

Here is our cotton dolls:


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