Why Man Must Need Company

A few years ago, I was an ass-kisser. I envied those girls for their popularity because I didn't have any. So I changed my personality. I was also ashamed of being subservient since I didn't play very well.   I blamed myself on my weakness and intensitivity. I thought people need companionship, and that's why everybody always talked about (showed off)their friends. I felt like a failure.

But now, four years of college, I definately assured that friends cannot be the most important part in one's life. I accept who I am. I feed on my own, I hang out on my own, I go to movies alone and I travel alone. I don't think there is anything werid. As a matter of fact, I feel calm and peace, and that is the thing I pursuit of all time.145234_090021098938_2_副本.jpg

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Frida Doll
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