Top 5 German Antique Doll Brands

Kestner is often called the King of Dollmakers, and for good reason. One of the longest surviving dollmaking companies in Germany, Kestner actively produced dolls from approximately the 1920s through the 1930s — over a century of quality doll production! In the beginning, Kestner produced wood and papier-mache dolls; then they made China (porcelain) dolls, and finally bisque dolls(commonly called porcelain today). They are best-known for their bisque dolls which ran the gamut from early turned-shoulder head (stationary neck) dolls with kid bodies, to dolly-faced dolls with fully jointed composition bodies, to lady dolls, to all-bisques to character dolls. Collectors love Kestner dolls, not only for their quality but for the wide variety of dolls available as well.


Article classification: BY DENISE VAN PATTEN Updated 02/01/18
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