Mattel was exposed to a large single-season loss for more than 10 years

The Xiaohuangren doll became popular with the movie "Daddy Daddy" and was popular online and offline.

One of the world's largest toy companies, Mattel, has been exposed to losses in the single-season for more than 10 years. According to media reports, in the first quarter of this year, the company lost $72.96 million, and the loss was nearly 10 years. . Since China is a big toy producer in the world, there is a view in the industry that this will bring shock to the foundry companies, because the traditional toy market is gradually shrinking.

Insufficient innovation in traditional toys is the cause of loss in Mattel

In fact, in recent years, Mattel has not been much better. Since its peak in 2013, revenue and net profit have continued to decline. Mattel owns such famous products as Barbie, Naruto, Lion King, and Simpson. Last year, the company's net profit was $369 million, down 59.13% from 2 years ago.

Nearly 90% of the global toy market's sales of hundreds of billions of dollars a year are produced in China, and the loss of Mattel is negligible for the Chinese toy market. He Bin, chairman of Zhejiang Mujia Shijia Toys Co., Ltd., told reporters that like Fei Xue and Thomas Toys, they have been attacking China in the past few years. As a domestic partner of Fisher, the company’s online and offline sales are higher than expected. . Overseas, traditional toy innovation is not enough, which is the main cause of losses. Wu Guanghui, the person in charge of the early childhood education toy, believes that the gameplay in the Chinese market is different from that in foreign countries. Regardless of whether it is online or offline, Mattel’s sales and operation team is not local enough to penetrate the Chinese market.

Some insiders believe that although the traditional toy market is shrinking, China is still a toy kingdom and it is difficult to be replaced, but China's toy manufacturing industry is shuffled due to economic factors. Mattel is only losing money in Europe and America. China is a growth point for Mattel and it is still successful. The general trend in the toy market is that traditional toys will be shrinking, but new toys will flourish.

Unique products have a living space

He Bin said that domestic consumers like foreign toy brands. After 80s and 90s, parents are more inclined to buy quality personalized toys. Lin Dawei of Meisheng Enterprise Co., Ltd. believes that toys are a "dream" for children. Instead, the essence of "playing" has been neglected. For example, a bed sheet can also be used for playing. Is the bed count as a toy? Most parents use their own cognition to make decisions for children.

Wu Guanghui said that the domestic toy market is highly competitive, and only high-end products or unique products have room for survival. According to the traditional traditional gameplay, products do not talk about quality, do not talk about innovation, only rely on blind imitation, although they can make quick money, in the long run, they are not competitive.

Many people believe that the traditional toy market is shrinking, mainly because parents' consumption awareness and toy requirements are changing nowadays, and mobile games are prosperous. For traditional toys, it is hoped that it will have more added value. In addition to the basic "play", I also want to add more features. For example, Mattel's Barbie dolls are “not interesting” in the face of many A P P and mobile games.

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